Understanding Cyber Security

Did you know that cyber bandits can steal your identity, money, personal information and much more?

Practice cyber security to keep your online transactions safe!

As online fraud and identity theft become more widespread, online Service Providers such as securities trading firms and banks have introduced more stringent cyber security measures to protect their users’ financial transactions.

OneKey is your answer to convenient, worry-free online transactions!

About Assurity & NAF

GovTech and NAF logo

Assurity Trusted Solutions Pte Ltd ("Assurity") is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Government Technology Agency (GovTech*). It was incorporated to operate the National Authentication Framework (NAF).

The NAF is a project to improve the security of consumers performing online transactions. It is supported by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and respective regulators, such as the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Health.

The NAF is a part of GovTech*’s vision of “An Intelligent Nation 2015 (iN2015) Masterplan” to develop a secure and trusted infocomm infrastructure. This is to facilitate the delivery of safe online services offered by the public and private sectors. The NAF is one of the key initiatives of the Infocomm Security Masterplan and National Trust Framework.

*IDA has been restructured to form GovTech on 1 October 2016. SingPass is now managed by GovTech.


What is Authentication?

Authentication is the process of validating a person’s identity for security purposes.There are three recognised factors of authenticating individuals:

  • "Something you know", such as a password or PIN
  • "Something you have", such as hardware security token
  • "Something you are", such as a fingerprint, a retina scan or other biometric
  • A system is said to use strong authentication when it requires at least two of the three factors before access to the system is granted. This contrasts with traditional single-factor authentication, which requires only one authentication factor (normally the knowledge of a password) in order to gain access to a system.

    2FA stands for 2nd Factor Authentication, which is the use of something you carry as proof of identity. 2FA makes it much more difficult for an attacker to impersonate you and access your computer, accounts, or other resources. The OneKey device provides 2FA with its One-Time Password (OTP) function.

    Click here to watch an introductory video on 2FA:

    How OneKey Works

    OneKey is the world’s first national 2nd factor authentication device for all users of private and public sector online services.

    One Person One Device

    Frustrated with having to carry around many different transaction security devices? OneKey can be used to transact with multiple service providers, offering you the most complete and convenient solution!

    One Device, Three 2FA Functions

    OneKey provides you with 2FA and Transaction Signing for maximum cyber security.

    What is Transaction Signing?

    Transaction signing is the process of keying a specific portion of your transaction details (eg, account number or transaction amount) on your OneKey to authenticate an online transaction.

    This is like signing an online cheque!

    OneKey offers three 2FA functions: One-time Password, Challenge Response and Transaction Signing.

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